1. the search

We reach out to our network to find suitable candidates, or we task our recruiters on the ground with finding some from outside our network.


2. The soft skills check

We interview the candidates to ensure that they have the experience, English skills and soft skills needed to make an excellent addition to your team.


Days to Match


Suitable Candidates


Satisfaction Guaranteed


3. The Technical Assessment

We rigorously assess their technical skills, using coding challenges and a deep technical discussion that ferrets out impostors and lets the most skilled candidates strut their stuff.


4. Over to you

We present the candidates to you, along with a report of their performance at each stage of the interview process. At this point you may conduct your own assessments.

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Our total satisfaction Guarantee

Our developers are vetted for technical skill, English language ability, and culture fit. We rigorously assess their skills so you don't waste time.

If the developer we find for you doesn't wow with their technical prowess and soft skills, we will replace them within 90 days at no additional cost.

Our Clients Said Some Nice THings

“Nabu have been an essential partner in our growth this year, and they've been a pleasure to work with. Hiring remote developers isn't an easy task, but Nabu's quality-focused approach meant we knew early on that every candidate will have been properly vetted as a suitable fit. Highly recommended.”

John Norris

Dragon Drop

“We had an idea to build some software so that our clients had a slick, usable app instead of a janky Google sheets document. After a bad experience on a certain freelance platform, Nabu connected us with a developer who was able to get it done. We couldn't be happier with the result, and the price was good too. Recommended.”

David Jacob


“I would 100% recommend Nabu for finding developers. They helped us find a qualified Django developer super quickly when we desperately needed one. The developer has been working with us for a few weeks now. And not only is he a super easy guy to work with. He has also blown all of our expectations in terms of speed and quality of work.”

Steven van Der Horst


"We were under a tight deadline to launch our Django-based financial application, and needed urgent assistance. Our Nabu developer was able to quickly identify and fix bottlenecks in our codebase that were causing performance issues. They also provided valuable recommendations for further optimizing the app, resulting in a significant (over 300%) improvement in load time. 10/10 professionalism and expertise - we highly recommend Nabu and will be partnering with them on future projects."

Joel DeTeves

Leap Cloud Solutions

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